A Revolutionary Method To Reduce Anxiety & Return To a Calm, Peaceful Mind

Learn to develop a deeply peaceful, happy mind from someone who’s been through anxiety.

“The best tool I know for my patients dealing with anxiety.”
Dr. Mona Bhalla

Who Reversing Anxiety Is For:

Suffering From Panic Attacks

The main purpose of this course is to help you stop your panic attacks.

Wanting To Get Reduce Meds

If you’ve tried the conventional routes, and they haven’t worked for you.

Regain Control of Your Mind & Life

Anxiety is one of the most painful and confusing experiences. Millions of people suffer from it unnecessarily, because we’re not taught its true underlying causes. This revolutionary workshop will take you through its root causes, and what to do to reverse them. It’s led by someone whos been through the deepest hells of anxiety, and come out the other side.

What You’ll Learn:

Learn Anxiety’s Hidden Roots

Doctors and therapists rarely discuss the real root causes of anxiety, covered in this workshop.

Anxiety Supplements

Learn the key nutrient deficiencies proven to contribute to anxiety.

Simple, 2-Step Plan

Learn the simple 2-Step plan to reverse anxiety and panic attacks, created by someone who’s been through it before.

I’m Adam Carney. I’ve suffered from panic attacks. I know they are torcher. I also know they are totally preventable.

Overcoming Anxiety is the only program in the world that distills the path to reversing anxiety into a clear, concise daily action plan. We designed it to reduce all the barriers between you and an anxiety-free life. No need to buy any equipment, or leave the home. Just follow the program, and feel the transformation.
When you sign up, you’ll get access to a dashboard with daily guided videos that will help you implement everything science knows about reducing anxiety.
My professional Credentials:
  • Integrative Health Coach Studied @ Duke University
  • Certified in Exercise Physiology @ Stanford
  • 500 Hour Advanced Certified Yoga Instructors
  • Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor
  • Certified Ayurvedic Health Advisor
  • Founder of East+West Yoga

Myth 1 of 3:

Anxiety is Incurable

Anxiety is highly treatable, yet only around 1/3 of people actually seek treatment.

-Depression & Anxiety Associate of America

Myth 1 of 3:

Anxiety is just

While genetic predisposition is a factor in anxiety, multiple studies suggest lifestyle factors play a significantly greater role in creating anxiety and can be reversed.
Myth 1 of 3:

Meds are my only

While anxiety medications are useful in extreme cases, they don’t actually reverse anxiety. There is a huge body of evidence that suggests targeted lifestyle changes can help you reverse anxiety.

What You Get:

90 minute workshop.

In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn the root causes of anxiety and how to reverse them from someone who’s been through it before.

2-Phase Anxiety Reduction Plan.

A simple, yet comprehensive plan that guides you in nutrition, supplementation, and other lifestyle triggers for anxiety.

Anxiety Checklist.

You’ll get a simple checklist that includes all the things proven to cause, and prevent anxiety. 

Praise for This Course:

“I suffered from panic attacks for years, and when I took this course it changed everything”

-Diana G.

“After I took this course, everything started to just “click.” The causes of anxiety, and what I need to do to reverse it became so clear.

-Savannah E.

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