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Personalized, functional/integrative medicine in Portland.

+ Advanced Lab Testing
+ Nutritional Support
+ Most Insurance Accepted

“Dr. Mona has the energy of a healer and the mind of a scientist.”
Leah S.

I’m Dr. Mona Bhalla, a Functional Medicine Doctor.

Have you been feeling off in your body? Do you have unresolved, lingering health issues? If so, The Ultimate Health Tune-Up is a great way to get back on the journey to health and vitality.

Conventional medicine considers many common health issues like headaches, digestive issues, skin outbreaks, anxiety & depression, and chronic pain “incurable.” What that really means is they are not curable with medication. However, when you start to address your underlying physiological imbalances, you give yourself a real opportunity to cut off the problems at their root.

We’ll start by giving you a complete, comprehensive health analysis. We’ll cover everything in your entire medical history including diet, medication history, previous illnesses, stress & trauma, toxin exposure, and more. I’ll then help you decide which tests you’ll need from the list above. After we receive your results, we’ll design you an integrative protocol to guide you towards the foods, herbs/supplements, and other lifestyle measures to rebalance your core biological systems. I’ve regularly seen great results with my patients with this method.

I’ve been practicing medicine for over 20 years. I’m not like most doctors; I believe in the power of food, nature, and mental wellbeing as the best sources of healing. Our Ultimate Health Tune-Up is fantastic for you if you have:


  • An autoimmune condition
  • Regular skin Issues & flareups
  • Persistent digestive Issues
  • Fatigue or burnout
  • Thyroid and hormone Issues
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Hair Loss
  • Weight Gain

What You Get:

Advanced Labs & Tests

Get your blood nutrients, hormones, gut biome, neurotransmitters, and food sensitivities tested.

3 Appointments With a Functional Doctor

Get 3, one-hour appointments with a functional medicine doctor to interpret your results and design a personalized holistic health protocol.

Complete Health Analysis

Get an in-depth health analysis from a functional medicine doctor to identify underlying health & physiological imbalances.

Get Real Data On Your Body

✔  Blood vitamin, mineral & micronutrients levels

✔  Heavy metal poisoning

✔  Magnesium levels

✔  Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, levels

Estrogen, Progesterone levels

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), Testosterone/DHEA

✔  Thyroid & Cortisol Hormones

✔  Digestion and absorption levels

✔  Inflammation levels

✔  Parasites, worms, or bacterial overgrowth (h. Pylori, Campylobacter, Clostridium difficile)

✔  Gut biome breakdown

✔  Organic Acids



*Payment plans available for $329 / month


We do take insurance. Many patients get as much as 70% of this reimbursed by health insurance.

Price includes:

✔  Three appointments with a functional medicine doctor.

✔  In-depth health history & analysis.

✔  Advanced lab tests*

✔   Individualized health protocol including:

    • Supplement Suggestions
    • Diet Suggestions
    • Specific Health Practices

*price of labs not included, but often covered by health insurance.

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