Foundations of Integrative Health

Foundations of Integrative Healing Manual
Foundations of Integrative Healing Manual


The Library of Alexandria in ancient Egypt is one of the greatest mysteries in history. A storehouse of mystical wisdom, it is said to be the single greatest accumulation of human knowledge in history, so large that it spanned an entire city block. Legend says it was founded in the third century BCE – perhaps by Alexander the Great himself – but we don’t really know. The library held over half a million historical records and spiritual texts from Assyria, Greece, Persia, Egypt, and India. But what’s mysterious about the library is not its existence– but its disappearance. 

We don’t know for certain how it disappeared, not because we don’t have sources, but because we have too many. Some say it was burned accidentally by Julius Caesar in 48 BCE in his reckless pursuit of Pompey. Other reports claim it was burned by a group of Christian Zealots in the fourth century AD. One account tells the story of a man standing in the rubble of the burnt-down library who stumbled upon a mysterious papyrus scroll. He snuck the scroll back to his home study where he discovered it was something highly unusual; a detailed set of instructions to find the fountain of youth; eternal life.

The scrolls directed him through a series of spiritual practices to prepare him for the journey. The scrolls also included a map to a hidden cove on the east end of Africa. “Somewhere on this beach, there is a stone always warm to the touch. Find this warm stone and you will obtain eternal life.”

So the man left Egypt. He trekked thousands of miles to the hidden cove. On his arrival, he found a beach littered with millions of smooth pebbles roughly the size of his hand. So he developed a daily ritual which began every morning at dawn, working north to south, picking up each stone individually, holding it in his hand to see if it was warm.

Every morning he returned, picking up rocks and tossing them into the ocean when the touch felt cold. It became a ritualistic practice, a meditation almost, which he continued every day for 25 years. 

One day, he was lost in the rhythm of his ritual. He picked up a stone, felt it cold, and threw it. Picked up a stone, cold, threw it. Picked up a stone, it was warm, and he throws it into the ocean! He never found the warm stone again.

Patterns are difficult to break, even when our lives are on the line.

When you’re sick, and your livelihood is at stake, it’s difficult to know what to trust; there are millions of cold stones on the beach. But, in pursuit of a better life, we can’t let the abundance of cold stones close our hearts to the possibility of finding the warm one.

This is not to suggest that this book will be the secret to your fountain of youth– only your intuition can guide your healing. However, it will serve you to keep your heart and mind open to new possibilities. It’s possible to reverse any disease; the right guidance is just rare, just like the warm stone. And if it is your intuition that guides you, you will once again live in the highest frequencies of health and wellbeing.

We’ve curated this manual to help your move your health condition into remission. Like a library, it constantly expands. If you read it this year and again next, it will read like a new text. It evolves with new research; as the collective scientific resolution on health issues becomes increases, so does this text.

Like the scrolls in the Library of Alexandria, this text doesn’t have a single author. We circulate it regularly to our admired co-workers and industry leaders to offer their insight and contribution. It is like a library of the most practical and up-to-date health information on earth. In it, you will find helpful links to additional resources: books, research, and home products, all compiled to help you make meaningful life changes today.

There is no right or wrong way to find health and it does not have a single definition. There are just different forces: energy, food, movement, spirit, nutrients, and emotions. And as we get better at practicing health, we increase our resolution at wielding these forces. There is no limit to the degree of harmony we can experience. Every new year can become a pursuit of a new, hidden aspect of life that reveals greater wellbeing. As we discover this path, it alters our very grain of reality, it raises us above the surface of life and allows us to know who we truly are. Life can be harsh and full of pain. But in learning the secrets of health, you will forever have a bright spot knowing you participated in something purely benevolent. Health is a gift, the greatest gift, and no one can take it away from you.