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Adam Carney
Integrative Health Coach

I am an Integrative Health Coach with a background in functional health, yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. Health is my life, it’s a great joy and the source of my inspiration to help my clients deeply improve their lives. I help my clients find their love for health and what that means to them. My approach is uniquely eastern and western, I believe energetic and spiritual work is just as important as getting all your nutrients. I received my certification as an Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach from Duke University in 2018. I’m also a 500-hour advanced certified yoga and meditation instructor and certified in exercise physiology from Stanford University.

About Adam Carney

My Story

When I was 21 I suffered from severe panic attacks on a nightly basis. In hindsight, I now know that it was a combination of stress, spiritual misalignment, and a variety of nutrient deficiencies. I reached the end of my limit for what I could tolerate in my body and ran out of answers from what I could find in the western world, so I turned to the East. My life since has been deeply influenced by yoga, meditation, and alternative forms of medicine. I spent most of my 20’s traveling around India, Bali, and Thailand learning different forms of yoga, and learning to truly enjoy my life again.

My life’s purpose has become to inspire others with the same love and passion I have for life and health.


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