Getting The Most Out of Your Wisdom Membership (Start Here)

March 24, 2022

Everything you need to know to get your Wisdom Membership started.
By: Adam Carney

We’re so happy to welcome you to Wisdom! This guide will help you maximize your membership with us. At Wisdom, everything we do is with one goal in mind:

To help you move your diseases into remission.


Over the next year, you’ll find the guidance, insight, love & support you need to radically change your health.


What’s Included In Your Membership:

Your membership will include all of the following:

1. Functional Doctor Visits:

These are individual appointments with your functional medicine doctor. You’ll start by doing a full, extensive health history and analysis. Through these appointments, you’ll get functional tests and get specific insights into managing your condition. If you’re on our general membership, you’ll have 5 of these throughout the year. You can always book additional appointments for $189 each.

2. Individualized Health Protocol

After your second visit with your doctor, you’ll receive an action-oriented, individualized health plan that includes guidance on all aspects of your lifestyle, including:

  • Food Plan, including a 10-day reset period
  • Individualized Supplementation Guide
  • Stress Reduction Plan
  • Gut Health Guide
  • & much more

Check out a list of the protocols we have available here, and we add new ones every couple weeks.

2. Functional Nutritionist Visits

Diet is such a significant part of the healing process. Your nutritionist will help you take your lab tests and health protocols and turn them into workable meal plans for you. 


3. Foundations of Integrative Health Curriculum

All members have full access to our Foundations of Integrative Health program. This is a guided health program that will help you address many things that don’t come up in a clinical setting. You can begin going through the manual now and join the live Zoom groups.

Group Details:

The group meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday every month at 5PM PST (8PM EST) for 90-minutes. You can access the group sessions by following this link. The next session will be Tuesday May 3.


Membership Progression:

You probably have a ton of questions about your membership. Here’s what your year with us might look like.


1. Before your first appointment:

When we schedule your initial appointment, you’ll receive an email from our client portal with an appointment confirmation and a link to register. If for some reason you don’t, try checking your spam or trash folder.

Here’s a quick, helpful video on how to navigate your patient portal:


Filling out your Questionnaire (REQUIRED):

You’ll also receive an email prompting you to fill out a health intake form. It will take you about 30-45 minutes to fill out. This is extremely important, s it will direct your entire care direction with your doctor. You must fill this out 48 hours before your initial doctor appointment. If it’s not filled out, we will have to reschedule your appointment.

Upload Previous Tests:

If you’ve had previous tests completed, please take a moment to upload these in your client portal. You can also upload any other documents you feel will be useful to your doctor.



2. First appointment:


Your first appointment will be 75 minutes (60 if virtual), where you’ll review your health history. Come prepared to be open and proactive in sharing any and every detail you can about your condition. You’ll be surprised what might be connected to your disease. 

Your appointments can either be in-person, or virtual. We recommend patients come to their first 1 or 2 appointments in-person, and then do virtually for the remaining, but this is up to you. If you are doing a virtual appointment, you’ll receive a link for the appointment in the confirmation email.

Submitting to Insurance:

If you are using insurance, after each appointment your doctor will send you an invoice with a CPT code on it to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. You will do this simply by uploading the invoice to your insurance portal. You must submit this to your insurance portal within 30 days of the appointment. 

Your insurance company should send you a check in the mail within 3-4 weeks. If they deny your claim, let your care coordinator know, and we can try submitting it under a different medical code. We typically will start by billing a time-based code. If this doesn’t work, we will resubmit it as a “preventive visit” which many insurance policies have now.

Even if we are not in-network with your insurance, we recommend submitting all your invoices as they will go towards your medical deductible. If you need assistance with insurance, please email your care coordinator or

Please use the messaging feature in your patient portal for all communication with our team, including your doctor. This is always the fastest way to get a response. 



3. Testing Process


After your first appointment, your doctor will order your lab tests. We almost always order a basic blood panel, including nutrients & hormones. Your doctor will order it either through Quest Labs or through your primary care provider. Please note that it typically takes our doctors 4-5 days after your initial appointment to order these labs. As soon as they are ordered, you can go to any Quest Labs Location to get these tests done.

We also use a variety of other tests outside of basic blood panels. We can test for just about everything, but not all are necessary for every patient. Your doctor will help you understand which is best for you. Unfortunately, the process is not very streamlined. This is because we use industry-leading tests, not generic over-the-counter tests. The upside of this is the test quality is significantly higher. The downside is that it’s not always as simple as getting them done in one simple place. Each lab test is different, some are done at home, some we have in the clinic, and others require you to go to a location in town. 


4. Receiving Your Health Protocol

After your second doctor visit, where you’ll review your tests, your doctor will send you your individualized health protocol. This is where most of your work begins! This will come to you via email 1-2 weeks after your second visit with your doctor.


5. Scheduling follow-up visits:

You can schedule follow-up visits in your patient portal. We need to wait until we receive all your test results before scheduling your second appointment. Our team will email you when it’s time to schedule your second appointment.

If you get behind on your visits, no don’t worry, you can use your 5 visits in any increments throughout the year.



After your second appointment, we rely on you to be proactive and schedule your follow-up visits. You’ll have five throughout the year with your doctor. Please wait at least 2 weeks after each appointment to schedule your next visit. This allows us to get a good sample size of the changes you’re making between each appointment. 

We recommend doing that according to the following approximate schedule.

  • 1st appointment: We schedule this on your initial call
  • 2nd appointment: We will email you when your tests come in. Usually 30-45 days after your initial appointment
  • 3rd appointment: 45-60 days after your second (please schedule yourself)
  • 4th appointment: 60-90 days after your 3rd (please schedule yourself)
  • 5th appointment: 2-3 months after your third visit. (please schedule yourself)


You don’t need to follow this schedule, but this is what tends to get patients the best results.  As long as you schedule with 3 weeks or more notice, you’ll be able to get the times you’d want. You can always schedule additional visits, which are $189 / per visit. 


6. Scheduling with your nutritionist:


As a part of your membership, you’ll also have five appointments throughout the year with your nutritionist. These are crucial to your healing process. 

Please wait until after your second appointment with your doctor to schedule your first visit with your nutritionist. This allows your nutritionist to guide you with more precision based on your lab tests. We also ask that you wait to schedule each appointment individually after each session, not all at once. You can schedule your appointments with her here:

Patients generally find the best results following this schedule of nutritionist visits:

  • 1st appointment: Immediately after your 2nd doctor visit (must be after your second visit)
  • 2nd appointment: 30-60 days after your 1st visit
  • 3rd appointment: 30-60 days after your 2nd visit
  • 4th appointment: 60-90 days after your 3rd visit
  • 5th appointment: 60-90 days after your 4th visit

7. Foundations program

Immediately after joining, we recommend you start immersing yourself in our Foundations of Integrative Health program. You can begin going through the manual now and join the live Zoom groups.

Group Details:

The group meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday every month at 5PM PST (8PM EST) for 90-minutes. You can access the group sessions by following this link. The next session will be Tuesday May 3.



Suggestions From Our Staff:

Our role is to surround yourself with the resources and love you need to go on your healing journey. However, none of that matters if you aren’t in the mindset to take advantage of it. Our members are proactive, eager to take control of their health, and try new things. They also are willing to slow down, adjust, and give us feedback when necessary. Here are some tips to get yourself in the right mindset:

1. Be Proactive:

The #1 quality of those who reverse a chronic disease is proactivity. We encourage you to message us and stay in touch often through your patient portal. Please use the messaging system in your patient portal for all communication with our team, including your doctor. 

Don’t be shy in contacting our team, we’re here to help! However, please know that we are usually very busy. If you don’t get a message back, please don’t be shy in messaging again, especially if it’s urgent. 

Direct health-related questions first to your nutritionist. Direct your questions about anything else to your patient coordinator. If neither of them can help, try contacting your doctor through your patient portal. Our doctors will usually take 3-4 days to respond, where you’ll typically get a response from our nutritionists or care team within 1-2 days.


3. Allow Yourself to Deviate

There will inevitably be times with us when you feel lost or disheartened. You may have flare-ups. Life might get stressful, and you may just drop all your health routines. This is extremely common, and know that it’s OK. 

When this happens, It’s common to feel ashamed. It’s also common to feel embarrassed to show up to your next appointments when it does. If this happens to you, don’t worry! We are also here to help you work through mental/emotional habits, so please continue coming to appointments. This journey is not a straight line, and it’s about calmly returning to the work once we fall off. 


4. Give Us Feedback!

We run Wisdom like a high-performance product! We’re constantly making improvements to it to make it easier, more clear, and more supportive to you. Your feedback is extremely valuable in that process, and we encourage you to share your feedback with any of our team members as to how we can make this membership better serve you. 


Get a Free Month of Membership!


You’ll receive one free month of membership if you recommend a new member to Wisdom. Just have them mention your name when you sign up, and we’ll apply a discount to your account.


Additional Resources:


Recommended Readings:

Education is the foundation of healing. We are always reading and staying up to date on the latest new treatment paradigms for disease. Here are some that we recommend:

The Pegan Diet – Great clear, simple guidance on food

Fiber Fueled– Amazing book on the Microbiome (please note, we do not advocate for a vegan or vegetarian diet)

The Autoimmune Solution – Best for understanding Autoimmune causes (note that this was written about 6 years ago, so there’s been many updates on the recommended diet portions)

Whole – Amazing book on the overall power of the Whole Food Plant-Centric Diet

You Can Heal Your Life – A more spiritual/mindbody approach to healing


Nutritional Supplements

Order Here – Fullscript- your doctor will put your orders in here, where you’ll get a 20% discount.




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