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Herbal medicine, when used properly, can be a powerful form of preventative medicine, and a first line of defense against chronic conditions. 

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About Herbal Medicine:

Taking a herbal approach to healing can be regarded by some as hokey or far-out. Yet, plants have been used as medicines for thousands of years and a large proportion of the world’s population still rely on plants and natural remedies sourced from the natural world as their primary source of healthcare. Even prescription medications used in conventional medicine contain plant products, although these are generally purified ingredients. Herbalism refers to the use of medicines made or derived from plants, to treat or prevent diseases or ailments, often containing entire plants or plant parts from leaves, flowers, roots, or barks in the form of pills, powders, teas, tinctures, creams, or gels.

If you are suffering from a chronic condition, herbal remedies and supplements can powerfully aid your recovery, whether alongside conventional medicine or not, as well as relieve pain, nausea, side effects, or symptoms. Herbalism can also provide support for those struggling with fertility issues, gut or metabolic challenges, energy, mood disorders, hormone imbalances, weight challenges, or insomnia. The approach is also about improving quality of life and achieving optimal wellbeing, so you do not have to have a specific disease or condition to reap the benefits. Herbal remedies and supplements can boost immunity and energy levels and overall vitality.

A herbalist will seek to discover the root cause of your condition, disease, or challenges and will create a personalized prescription of remedies based on your unique issue(s) and how your symptoms are presenting. This may be just one remedy or a combination of a few. It is important to work with an experienced professional to ensure that different remedies will work in harmony together.

Although herbal supplements are regulated by the FDA, they do not go through the same levels of checks as traditional medications as they are regarded as foods, not drugs. As a result, they are not held to the same standards for testing, production, and labeling as conventional medicines. This is why it is very important to work with a professional as opposed to self-diagnosing and guessing what remedies you might need. Even natural products can have powerful effects upon the body, some of which can be undesirable when taken unnecessarily or in combination with the wrong things. Working with a specialist will ensure you take the right supplements for your body, your condition, and alongside any other medication courses or treatments you might be following.

Your herbalist will have studied lifestyle medicine, nutrition, pharmacy, botany and plant science, and evidence-based botanical research, supporting you to make the best decisions around your treatment and healing. The focus of this approach is to empower you within your health by making healthy choices and educating you in how you listen to and communicate with your body now and in the future.

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