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IV Therapy

IV Therapy sends helpful nutrients directly into your bloodstream, which allows for a significantly higher rate of uptake and absorption. 

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About IV Therapy:

IV Therapy is a powerful complementary therapy to boost and rebalance the body so that it may more effectively fight toxins and disease and achieve optimal wellbeing.

IV Therapy is not just helpful for sickness or disease treatment, it is powerful for achieving optimal health even as an already strong, fit healthy person. In an ideal world, we would receive all we need through our food. However, since a lot of modern food goes through a degree of processing, even a healthy diet can be deficient in some areas. Every day our body is subjected to toxins, chemicals, and oxidative stress. If you’ve been experiencing poor focus, bad sleep quality, gut issues, allergies, if you’ve been feeling energetically or emotionally depleted, under the weather, or not your best, this can be an indication that you have a build-up of toxins in the body. Over time, a build-up of toxins and the inflammation it creates as your body tries to rebalance itself can set the stage for the development of an illness or disease. IV Therapy gives the body what it needs in a potent immensely bio-available form.

As these solutions are administered directly into the blood supply via the vein, the absorption and uptake of these chemicals are easier for the body than when obtained through food or supplementation. Gut dysbiosis, malabsorption syndromes, or imbalances in the body can affect the rate of absorption through food. IV Therapy provides a rapid and effective option to process and receives therapeutic micronutrient levels. Higher plasma levels of micronutrients available through IV Therapy benefit cellular metabolic processes improving cellular functionality. This means that IV Therapy can be particularly supportive for those fighting a more chronic or ongoing illness or disease, like chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid issues, or autoimmune.

All the compounds found in these solutions are found naturally in the body and thus pose no potential threat. They are all vital for every biochemical function of the body. Whilst it is possible to experience some immediate fatigue or lightheadedness or symptoms of detoxification within the first 24 hours, overall wellbeing is enhanced significantly in most patients. We recommend clearing your schedule for a few hours after treatment to really facilitate the integration and remedying process. IV Therapy is actually an opportunity to sit back, relax and do nothing: a rare phenomenon in today’s busy world!

As each body is unique, there are a variety of treatment options available depending on your requirements and presenting symptoms. As well as specific vitamins or minerals, solutions can be made to fight free radicals, boost energy or immunity, or promote the production of glutathione, which acts alongside other antioxidants and Vitamin C to reduce damage throughout the body. A consultation with one of our team, including perhaps diagnostic testing to identify your exact specifications will conclude what you need, the safe relevant dosage, and the number of treatment sessions you should receive for maximum benefit. If you are receiving ongoing treatment with us via our integrative, holistic, and functional programs, this therapy may play a role in your recovery. IV therapy does not take the place of a healthy diet or lifestyle, but more works in harmony alongside to promote even greater health from the inside out.

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