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Weight loss is not meant to be a struggle. With professional medical guidance, losing weight long-term can feel natural and inspiring.

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About Medical Weight Loss:

If you have been struggling to lose weight, even if you feel like you’ve tried all the right things, it might be time to receive support and guidance from a professional. Medical weight loss refers involves working with a qualified physician to proactively manage and refine diet, fitness, and lifestyle choices in order to regain control and balance of your weight. Dietary information out there can appear conflicting, noisy, and conflicting. Working with a professional cut through the noise and views you as an individual with unique needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all.

Struggling with your weight, especially over a long period of time, perhaps years or even decades, trying numerous approaches and diet regimen after diet regimen can be frustrating, emotional, and immensely disempowering. Perhaps you feel entirely hopeless and exasperated like nothing will work and you’re simply stuck. When you opt for medical weight loss, you will work with registered experts to educate and empower you in your challenges and your choices going forward. You’ll find the best way forward together in a way that feels possible and exciting for you. You’ll receive support in the more grueling side of habit change, including advice on cravings and compulsive or disordered eating. Your mental and emotional wellbeing will be prioritized just as much as your physical changes through diet and exercise. All of this is pivotal to making the changes you need in order to get to where you want to be. You’ll have your own expert and support system to inspire and keep you accountable and on track even when it gets hard. This is the reason why medical weight loss has a distinctly higher success rate than self-imposed and self-managed regimens.

Your journey will start with a full inventory of your current diet and lifestyle, understanding what is working and not working. You and your weight loss physician will gain a clear picture of exactly where you are at now to help design a specific tailor-made program for you. This initial picture will also help to monitor changes and refine and improve the approach as you go. You may undergo some metabolic or diagnostic testing to identify any nutrient or mineral imbalances, blood level irregularities, hormone imbalances, metabolic disorders or other conditions or contributing factors that might otherwise hinder your ability to lose weight and progress. The results of the health inventory and diagnostic testing will be specifically targeted through dietary and lifestyle changes, supplementation or other accompanying therapies as part of your overall treatment program.

There are scores of medical weight-loss methods available in the USA and internationally. What they all have in common is the importance of lifestyle change. Crash diets are generally ineffective at keeping weight off long-term. Taking an integrative approach with our team of experts will facilitate not only structured and stable weight loss but the ability to keep it off long-term and sustainably.

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